Why us

India is the land of heritage, cultural and religious sites. People in India take journeys to temples and many other Holy places to ask their God to fulfill their prayer requests and needs. For this cause they travel from one place to another. At the almost part India has many ancient temples built by Cholas and have survived these long years. It is considered to be the powerful Temple. It is really a marvelous. To get peace of mind, relief from their sins, for thanksgiving, and for many other purposes people travel from their own place to these temples and many other religious sites.

For travelling some people make their own arrangement. But it is really a hectic task. While arranging they have to look on to their money needs, hygiene food conditions, clean and neat travelling vehicles without any disturbance, travelling time etc., but if people stick on to a believable travel agency, they can be free from these worries. There are many others who choose to utilize the service of companies which arrange tours and pilgrims as their regular professional service. People like to go to temples in a peaceful manner.

TIRUPATI BALAJI TRAVELS is such a travel agency particularly meant for visiting temples and other holy places. People believe in our agency and they never get disappointed. We provide all the required facilities in our agency such as hygiene conditions, food supply from hygiene hotels [only veg.] etc., Just believe us to experience a peaceful journey to the desired holy sites. We swear that we will provide you a lot of facilities with all our happiness and pleasure.

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